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G. Russell Case

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As a painter and as a person, G. Russell Case is one of a kind, always possessing a unique approach. Whether he is hiking in the Wasatch Mountains above his Brigham City, Utah home or throwing the perfect fly cast on the Green River, Case is a leader. As a painter Case's most important mentor is Robert Henri, who inspired him to develop his own approach. His art contains the simplicity that all great painters seek; his interpretations reflect the artistic vision distilled through keen observation of the great painters that came before. His subjects are current observations from travels throughout the west. He paints directly from nature to record color and light. His studio compositions are derivations of thoughts recorded outdoors.

"Western painter G. Russell Case is inspired by nature, but he places little value on literal translations. His sweeping, idealized versions of the western landscape are compositions that combine the beauty of the natural world with the rich imagination and originality of an artist's mind. While there is an unmistakable honesty present in his painted environments -- stemming from his engagement with the land painted directly from nature -- viewers may be reminded of other great artists of the west, whose work is marked by distinctive artistic philosophies. Case's work is unfettered by philosophy and intellect, though he is surely a student of his artistic forebears. The monumental scale of Maynard Dixon, or the unfiltered color and light of Thomas Moran both find their way into his visual language. Yet Case's work is simple, pure, and fresh; his painting draws in the viewer and delivers timeless landscapes. We are immediately transported into a world created by shadow and light, of immense vistas punctuated by jagged mountains and inhabited by lonesome cowboys. Although Russell Case was undoubtedly stirred by the philosophies of the great artists and fueled by the freedom of painting from nature, this artist maintains that his most profound inspiration came from those in his own life who bolstered his career and remained faithful to his vision." (Corriel, Michele, "Ones to Watch: Spotlighting the works of G. Russell Case, Western Art and Architecture, Fall 2007)

Born in the small town of Brigham City, Utah, Russell Case's artistic enthusiasm was first fostered by his father, Garry Case, who was also an artist. His father encouraged Russell's artistic talents and helped him seek exposure through marketing and local galleries. For fifteen years the younger Case translated his surroundings into watercolor, creating a foundation for the liquid vibrancy found in his later oils. This transition developed during his college years, where Case studied with the intent to become a professor of art. After graduating from Utah State University in 1990 and with the support of his wife, Susanne, Case decided to dedicate himself to painting full-time.

Case has won numerous awards including Best of Show and First Place Oil Painting, Phippen Western Art Show in Prescott, Arizona in 2001; First Place at Southwest Magazine Artist to Watch Show in Steam Boat Springs, Colorado in 2002; and Best of Show, People's Choice, and Artist's Choice, Maynard Dixon Country, Mt. Carmel Junction, Utah in 2003. Among the shows that Case has been invited to in the last few years are the Western Visions show in Jackson, WY; Coors Western Art Exhibition, Denver, CO.; and Maynard Dixon Country, Mt. Carmel. The artist made his first appearance at the Prix de West in June, 2010.

Russell Case now resides in Brigham City, Utah with his wife, Susanne and two of his children Morgan, and Cooper with the oldest Taylee living in Salt Lake City.

G.Russell Case

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