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Tom Darro

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Tom Darro served a long and carefully guided apprenticeship with his father, then a religious illustrator, Peter Darro. As a boy Tom Darro was always in the company of painters of national reputation, such as Haddon Sundblom and Gillette Elvgren. In the presence of these painters Tom absorbed a style which, at its core, had origins with John Singer Sargent and the turn of the century impressionists.

After five years of intensive life drawing and study in Los Angeles, he met one of America's foremost authorities on American and French impressionism, Dr. Christian Title. A painter himself, Dr. Title exposed Darro to some of the most sophisticated forms of color orchestration and the physical properties which give impressionism its power. After six years with Dr. Title, Darro in a period of re-evaluation, studied with the European trained painter and teacher, Theodore Lukitz.

The culmination of Darro's years of study is exhibited by his work in contemporary Western Art. Darro's paintings hang in public and private collections throughout the world. Tom Darro presently works and resides in Arizona.

Detail: Late Afternoon on the San Carlos
38 x 48 inches Oil on Canvas

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